Ofoghealborz Industrial Group was established in 1993 to become one of the largest Aluminum and Copper wire and cable manufacturers. The founders began trading in this industrial segment in the 1980s. With acquiring technical and practical information of any kind of electrical wire and cable, founders launched low voltage wire and cable factory on a field of 30000 (Esq.) areas in 1993 and succeed in local and international markets by implementing technical standards. Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group developed departments to production hall, warehouse, CCV … and installed machinery and equipment which were made in high-technical countries. This company expanded its production lines from low voltage wire and cable to medium power wire and cable in 2004. Company could manufacture cables up to 63Kv, specific and halogen free cables by using these machinery and equipment. To further enhance and diversification of production chain, by launching 8 mm copper rod plant (Capacity of 70000 tones) with modern machinery, equipment and technology, Ofoghe Aborz Industrial group could supply own wire and cable factory and other manufacturer's need to this row material. Considering high quality products, concerning considerable effort in marketing and introducing company abilities to neighbor countries and utilizing market capacity, Ofoghealborz Industrial Group succeed to get exporting awards as follows: Superior National Industrial Units in 2013 Superior National Exporter in 2012 Superior Provincial Exporter in 2011 Superior Provincial Exporter in 2010 Superior Provincial Exporter in 2009 Superior Provincial Exporter in 2008 Superior Provincial Exporter in 2007 This company is enable to produce wide range of low and medium wires and cables and copper rods such as: Copper cables 300v – 63Kv Aluminum cables300v – 63Kv Self-Support cables Control and Calibrator cables 8 mm Copper Rod and other narrow sizes (annealing and without annealing) List of Ofoghe Alborz customers: Regional electricity distribution companies Abyek Cement Company Dorud Cement Company Mashhad Urban Railway Project Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Project National Iranian Gas Company National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company Iranian Oil Pipelines and Telecommunications Company Petrochemical Kala Company Kermanshah Polymer Company Lorestan Petrochemical Kavian Petrochemical Damavand Petrochemical Khouzestan steel company Esfahan Steel Company Amirkabir Steel Company AsfaltTous Company Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran Iran Sport Places Development Organization Broadcasting of Islamic Republic of Iran National Cartographic Center Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran Recently, skilled and expert human resource and modern European machinery have enabled Ofoghealborz Industrial Group to gain extensive segment of overseas markets like: Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Bahrain. In order to creating competitive advantage to export products to European countries, KEMA institute of Netherlands and IPH institute of Germany are confirmed these products and the quality certificates are obtained Regarding to emphasis for meeting standards, this company has logical and continued interaction with the Standard Institute and Industrial Research of Iran, and all products are producing according to standards. Established Quality Management System in Ofoghealborze companies are passing to higher quality while doing internal and external audits.
Why Ofoghe Alborz? 1. Customer satisfaction is our guaranty 2. We respect to customer’s law and demands 3. We think to be global 4. We are knowledge–based and always try to learn 5. Sales are stable relation for us 6. Using expert and experienced persons is our policy 7. Our products meet global standards