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About Group

Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group is an industrial privately owned and independentgroup, specialized in engineering and production of 8 mm and fine copper rod, low and medium voltage copper and aluminum wire and cable used in electricity production and distribution, construction, oil, gas, petrochemical, automotive, transportation, etc. industries.

40-years presence in the market of metal, wire and cable, Establishment of the first factory for production of low voltage copper wire and cable in 1998, Plant expansion for production of medium copper and aluminum wire and cable, making a plant to produce 8 mm copper rod, making a plant to produce copper and aluminum wire and cable in Afghanistan,continuous compliance with standards, technical regulations, consumer rights, customer focuses and continuous export of qualified products to countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Russia, Georgia, Syria, etc., which led to the selection of group as Superior National and Provincial exporter for several years, And placed on the vendor list of major companies and organizations, represents the appropriate history and validation of group Group’svision and strategic policy is continues improvement, creativity, innovation and providing suitable solutions to customer needs and the company's commitment is providing high quality products and services based on client needs and demands.

In Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group Our thought is that:WHILE WE CAN BE THE FIRST, BEING THE SECOND IS NOT ENOUGH


In Ofoghe Alborz industrial group,wide range of products produceto meet the needs of both local and international customers and domestic and export target markets


Name, description and technical specifications of the products, for familiarity and easy selection by customers, is presented in the catalogues


Laboratory and Engineering Services of Group Is proposed to be submitted to the applicant company

Wire and Cable Laboratory Services

Company Laboratory has received colleague Laboratory license and certification of ISO/IEC 17025 and approved by the Standard and Industrial Research of Iran and Tavanir Company in wire and cable. This lab in addition to carrying out specified tests in accordance with national standards, is able to perform the necessary tests on the products produced by company and other manufacturers of wire and cable in the country based on international standards.

Copper Rod Laboratory Services

Copper rod Laboratory of Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group is the first recipient of the 8mm copper rod Incentive standard license with National Standard No. 3075 in the country.

Engineering and Manufacturing of Copper Rod and Copper and Aluminum Wire and Cable Plants

Due to decades of valuable experience and dynamic engineering team and technical experts, Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group provide design, engineering and manufacturing services for, copper rod and low and medium voltage copper and aluminum wire and cable mills.

Sales Network

A wide range of agencies across the country and the region are ready to respond to the needs of customers and presentation of Ofoghe Alborz Industry Group products


گروه صنايع افق البرز


Ofoghe Alborz Industries Group has been selected as the national sample exporter in 2018 and is honored to receive a congratulatory letter from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


گروه صنايع افق البرز


Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group's new head office located in No.25, Saeedi (Mehmandust) St., Lavassani (Farmaniyeh) St., Tehran. has opened.


گروه صنايع افق البرز


Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group has chosen as the "standard selected manufacturing Unit”

گروه صنايع افق البرز



Quality Control Manager of Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group has chosen as the “standard selected quality control manager” 

















































گروه صنايع افق البرز


Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group has received the "National Certificate of consumer rights observance” at the Fifteenth Conference of certification and national statue’ s granting of consumers rights observance

گروه صنايع افق البرز


Ofoghe Alborz Industrial Group has received the “Customer Satisfaction Certification (ISO 10004)”

Invitation to cooperation

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