ACSR conductors include aluminum strands reinforced with steel cores. These wires are concentric and around the axis of high carbon galvanized steel.

Galvanized core in aerial conductor structure can be used as single-core or stranded.

Due to the use of the above conductors in high-voltage transmission lines and in outdoor, the aluminum material used is hard type with H19 grade. 

The production of the above conductors is done depending on the customers' needs, both sheathed and bare.

In bare conductors, aluminum cores are free of any stress and compression, but in sheathed conductors it is possible to compact the conductor up to 7% of the total conductor diameter.

If the conductor is sheathed, the voltage levels used are 20 and 33 kV and the final insulation of this core is XLPE type TIX5 (which is resistant to environmental conditions with the addition of soot).

The standards used to produce conductors in Iran are in the tavanir instructions  and the national standard 17502.

Outside of Iran, ASTM B232 and BS EN 50182 standards for bare conductors and BS EN 50397 standards for sheath conductors are common.

The technical specifications of ACSR / GA aerial conductors are as follows:

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