Aerial Bundled Cables

Aerial Bundled Cables

Aerial Bundled cable

Aerial Bundled cable (ABC) are cables that were first used in 1955 instead of copper wire of distribution network and today are widely used in power distribution networks around the world.

Some of the major advantages of using these cables are the reduction of unauthorized branches from the distribution network, lower cost, reduced theft of power wires, reduced cost of tree pruning, reduced power outages in the event of a storm, less weight than copper conductors and so on.

Ofogh Alborz Company, in line with the country's need to use Aerial Bundled cables, has been preparing production and laboratory equipment related to the production of Aerial Bundled cables since 2011 and In recent years, by being on the vendor list of Tavanir companies, it is one of the major manufacturers in the industry of producing these cables.

These cables are divided into two groups: low voltage and medium voltage:

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