Aerial Spacer Cables

Aerial Spacer Cables

The above cables are made of aluminum as a conductor and three-layer extruded include semiconductor, XLPE insulation and HDPE sheath.

While using the above cables, a number of high carbon galvanized stranded wires are used to hold the spacer cables, which according to this issue, the aluminum used for the conductor is AAC.

Due to the removal of the insulation Screen, the cost is much lower than the Aerial Bundled Medium-voltage cable.

Spacer with triangular arrangement is used to harness the cables at certain intervals next to each other.

The upper end is hung by a harness wire and is used to hold the cables at equal distances from each other and transfer weight to the harness wire.

The advantages of using spacer cables in distribution lines include low air space, reduced tree felling and pruning, lower operating costs, increased line safety, and so on.

The standard used to produce this type of cable is the tavanir instructions.

 The technical specifications of distance cables are as follows:

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