Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables

A set of insulated flexible wires that are housed in a PVC sheath is called a Flexible cable.

The copper used in these wires is high purity, annealed and class 5 (according to ISIRI 3084 standard).

PVC insulation is of type D and PVC sheath is of type ST5.

The national standard for the production of these cables is ISIRI 607-5 with the characteristic code (607)53 and the national standard is ISIRI 607-6 with the characteristic code (607)71C, which is equivalent to the international standard IEC 60227-5 and IEC 60227-6.

The abbreviation codes H05VV-F and H07VV-F (HD Standards) are used to identify these sizes, which is equivalent to the abbreviation code NYMHY according to DIN VDE standards.

The above cables are used in the construction, electronic equipment, movable connectionss industry. In general, the above cables are not used in industrial environments and open space.

The following table shows the specifications of the above abbreviations:



Designed based on harmonized standards


300/500 V


450/750 V


insulation and Sheath PVC


Flexible conductor (Class 5)

The technical specifications of Flexile cables are as follows:

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