AAAC conductors consist of several concentrically Stranded aluminum cores of which all aluminum is alloyed. Due to the high strength of the aluminum strands, there is no need for a steel holder in the center of the strand (such as ACSR / GA).

These conductors are stronger than conventional AAC aluminum conductors and have less corrosion resistance than ACSR wires.

AAAC conductors are produced and supplied in two types of sheathed and unsheathed. In the sheathed type, the set of conductors can be compacted up to 5% of the finished diameter, but in the type unsheathed, the production wire must be free of any tension and compactness.

If the conductor is sheathed, the voltage levels used are 20 and 33 kV and the final insulation of this wire is XLPE type TIX5 (which is resistant to environmental conditions with the addition of soot).

The standards used to produce conductors inside Iran are the tavanir instructions. Outside Iran, BS EN 50182 and ASTM B 399 standards for bare conductors and BS EN 50397 standards for sheathed conductors are common.

The technical specifications of alloy conductors are as follows:

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