Low voltage cables with aluminum conductor , XLPE insulation and PVC sheath with tape armour.
Crosslinking or networking means creating transverse connections (crosslinks) between molecular chains, which improves the mechanical properties, thermal resistance and electrical properties of insulation.
The use of armour to increase the mechanical strength of the cable to prevent external mechanical pressures , stresses and shocks to protect it. Depending on the type of voltage used (usually DC) often the armour is made of aluminum in single core cables.
In the above cables, the armour of the armoured cables are placed in a tape and helix form on the inner cover.
The conductors of the above cables are produced as solid core (so-called RE), Circular starnded (RM), shaped stranded (sector -SM-) or as compact conductors (RM/V).
0.6/1 kv is the most used of this group of products. The routine technical specifications of this type of cables are as follows:


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